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Congratulations! You are visiting the site of the highest qualified group of Inspectors of Structures (IOS) generally known as “home inspectors”, in the southern half of the state of Nevada, southern Utah, western Arizona, and southeastern California. Our members undergo regular, rigorous, continuing educational training and challenges to stay ahead of our changing market with access to a mentoring program that is second to none. We meet the highest standards of the profession as dictated by the State of Nevada Real Estate Division to provide the best possible service to our clients both local and from around the globe. We invite you to visit the SNAPPI Members list of Home Inspectors to compare the best of the best for your residential and commercial building inspection needs.

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Become a part of a venerable organization that is there for you whether you have years of experience in home and building inspecting or are just starting out in the profession. SNAPPI members are there every step of the way with in-house continuing education that can be focused precisely on peculiarities in our local climate or the Las Vegas valley, mentoring programs like riding along with seasoned professionals on real inspections or the opportunity to mingle and become affiliated with some of the top producing inspection professionals in the field today. On top of all that we are extremely active in government affairs pertaining to the Nevada Real Estate Division who oversees home and building inspectors, being instrumental in drafting or modifying laws and regulations that have a direct effect on you, your home inspection business and your family. All this at a very affordable annual membership fee!


Active membership in SNAPPI simply requires that a person be currently licensed and in good standing with the State of Nevada Real Estate Licensing Division as an Inspector Of Structures and properly insured. Additionally, all potential SNAPPI Home Inspector member candidates must submit a sample report, which is reviewed by our Standards Committee for statute compliance and excellence in work. Only then are they accepted into the organization. From then on they are continually mentored by members who have a cumulative 200+ of years of experience as home and building inspectors in southern Nevada and the Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas and surrounding areas.



Why Use a SNAPPI Certified Home Inspector?

Education & Training

Education/Training – SNAPPI members are the highest trained home inspection and commercial property inspection professionals in the southern Nevada area. We meet as a group at least once per month for continuing education training and to share experiences and answer questions from one another to keep abreast of the latest trends in construction techniques as well as changes in the law regarding construction and real estate that can affect us and our clients.

Master Inspectors

SNAPPI is proud to have 6 Master Inspectors as members. A Master status is bestowed by the state of Nevada upon an inspector who has completed a minimum of 60 hours of classroom instruction; passed the State exam; has performed over 400 inspections, at least 50 of which must be commercial property inspections and, among other things, has submitted to the State two building inspection reports for approval as proof of competency. Master Inspectors are approved to teach other inspectors as well and do this at the SNAPPI meetings regularly. Their classes qualify for continuing education credits for our member inspectors with the state of Nevada Real Estate Division.

Save Time & Money

Because a SNAPPI inspector is properly trained and tested they know how to inspect a home or commercial property efficiently and with the utmost expertise all the while keeping communication channels open to the client keeping them informed and educated. We are intimately familiar with local building techniques and the effects the desert climate has on houses and commercial buildings. Our clients know very quickly if the house or property they are considering for their dream home or commercial property, is worth the investment of time and/or money or if it will simply be a money pit to be avoided.



Benefits of being a SNAPPI Member

Education & Training

Our Master Inspector members provide regular presentations and talks at our monthly meetings that qualify for State of Nevada Real Estate Division continuing education credits at no extra cost. It’s included in the membership fee!


SNAPPI aggressively promotes its members to real estate agent organizations and groups, the public and, literally, to the world! It’s well known that Las Vegas attracts buyers from all over the United States as well as the rest of the world and we make every effort to stay in tune with those ever-changing needs as well as promote our members to them be they a residential home buyer or huge commercial apartment complex investor or anything in between.


Our members will take you along with them on a fee paid inspection to observe and ask questions. Other times, all our members are available to answer your questions or help you deal with concerns regarding inspecting or how to run a business.


SNAPPI maintains the highest standards for property inspectors in southern Nevada, southern Utah, western Arizona and southeastern California. We do this by requiring new applicants to submit a fee paid inspection report to the Standards Committee for review before acceptance. We do not simply take your money and you’re in. We’re very happy to help new members but they must show they have what it takes to be a  SNAPPI qualified inspector.

SNAPPI is Progressive

We seek out and encourage the use of the latest technologies to stay ahead of the curve of new products and building techniques in the field as well as the use of computers and the Internet, like this modern, responsive web site.

Real Estate Agents & Other Industry Professionals

SNAPPI is not just for inspection professionals! We accept memberships from
Real Estate Agents, Construction Contractors and other Industry Professionals.

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Officers of the Southern Nevada Association of Professional Property Inspectors

Larry Perna
Charlie Meyer
Vice President
Mike Fuller
Charles Buffer - SNAPPI Secretary
Charles Bulfer
Vegas Inspect